September 5, 2019

72 Hrs Residential Program

72 Hrs Residential Diabetes Reversal Program

What is Diabetes?

In Diabetic Patients, the blood is unable to transport the sugar/glucose to the cells of the body as the doors of cells can not open because of 2 main reasons:

  1. a) Body produces insufficient quantity of key i.e. insulin to open the cell doors.
  2. b) The quality of key. insulin produced is not good enough to open cell doors effectively

Is there a solution?

YES. Diabetes can be treated and controlled. To manage diabetes effectively, the pancreas that produce the insulin need to be activated. Beta Cells can be made to produce the right quantity and quality of insulin, sufficient for the blood to transport sugar effectively, without being dependent on outside support.

 How much time it takes to recover from Diabetes?

It takes about 72 hrs i.e. just 3 days to recover from diabetes, even if you are insulin dependent for last 3 decades.

Is this diabetes cure permanent?

Kidney Failure Heart Disease Blind Amputation YES, you will be cured permanently by following certain principles of the human body while enjoying your favorite food.

100%Diabetes Free Zone, No Drugs

How does the ‘3 Days Diabetes Cure’ mechanism work?

It is based on 1998 Nobel Prize Winning Science Of Nitric Oxide. Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury and his team of international doctors have designed a 3 days customized diet plan for the patients. based on their inputs given in DAM form. For more information on this, read Chapter 4 Of “Diabetes Type I & 11• Cure in 72 Hrs”, book written by Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury.

Is this method medically approved?

YES, It is approved by the FDA and in some developed countries including the USA, it is even covered as one Of the therapies for an insurance claim. Many world renowned personalities including Mr. Bill Clinton- Former President of U.S.A. (refer to Diabetes DVD) could reverse life threatening diseases using this Noble prize winning science Of medical nutrition.

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury is a well known international medical nutritionist, who had been conducting 3 Days Diabetes Reversal Residential Programs and other medical training programs in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Kuwait, Thailand, U.A.E, Vietnamandlndia. He got the privilege Of being mentored by Dr. T. Colin Campbell (Chief Scientist Of the China study), Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn (Who is credited for the reversal of Bill Clinton’s heart disease), Dr. John McDougall (leading physician Of America), Dr. Leonard Horowitz (WorldS most credential Pharmaceutical industry Whistle blower and Research Scientist).

Dr. Chowdhury has also authored 25 books on memory, mind & body.

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